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Child and Familycare Society Bethlehem

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        Tel : +27583034701 or +27823751607

        Fax : +273033486 e-mail : drw@intekom.co.za

        P.O. Box 708


        Free State

        South Africa


        30 July 2000

 Children and the family are the building blocks of any nation, and if they are not cared for the nation has no hope of surviving life’s onslaughts

This Organization is a Christian organization and a registered non-governmental organization with fundraising number 07 700061 0007 and registration number 1020014. The registration can be verified with the South African Government or on the Governmental web site click on Register of non-profit Organizations.

The town we serve is Bethlehem, situated in the Free State, South Africa on the Lesotho border.

This organization strives to protect children in the family and always acts on their behalf. We also aim to uplift the community, and help those who are in desperate need of food and clothing.

Eight (8) black créches and one (1) white créche function under the supervision and protection of this organization in order to make it possible for the parents to go to work, and to start the children with the necessary stimulation for their development in future life.

Except for AIDS preventative training, literacy courses, protection from family violence and job creation there is another project which lies very near to our hearts:

This project is the Rehlibohile project, the only registered multi-disabled daycare centre in the country.

Twenty-one (21) disabled children are collected from their homes on a daily basis and are taken to a place of safe keeping, where they are fed twice a day, cared for and stimulated to develop.

Photos of some of these children have been included with this letter.

The expenditure of this organization at this stage is R 26000-00 ($ 3700 US) per month and the subsidy from the government R 5300-00 ($ 769 US) per month. The difference of +- R 21000-00 ($7000 US) must be provided for by the personnel themselves by way of collections, sales, and any other legal means of fundraising. We have been brought under to believe that the governmental subsidies will be phased out in 2004

This is a daunting task and we are barely making ends meet. There is no extra money for the training of the personnel involved with the disabled, no money for the training of all the teachers at the créches, and no extra money for the appointment of an additional social worker, or the appointment of an occupational therapist, physiotherapist or nursing sister.

The disabled children do not have proper apparatus and one of the main problems is that they do not have proper facilities. They are forever being moved from one location to the other, where toilets are not user friendly and the cold weather is hampering progress.

We are in desperate need of money to help our organization cope and expand our services, and to be able to build and maintain a properly equipped facility for the disabled.

We are also in need of money to create jobs in such a way as to help the poor, and help ourselves to a steady income per month, with which food and clothing can be bought, and with which projects can be launched.

To be more specific, we need the following:

Erecting and equipping a centre for the disabled, - $ 70000

Training of personnel - $ 20000

Appointment of social worker - $ 8000 per year

Appointment of an occupational therapist - $ 8000 per year

Appointment of physiotherapist - $ 8000 per year

Appointment of Nursing sister - $ 8000 per year

Job creation projects - $ 20000

Training centre, (can be combined with a centre for the disabled) - $ 40000

Five special computers for training the disabled - unknown

                                        Vegetable growing tunnel, for job creation and self maintenance - unknown

                                        Deep freeze - $ 500

Electric Stove - $ 500

Washing machine - $ 500

Refrigerator - $ 500

Minibus (9-10 seater) for transporting disabled pupils- $ 20000

If perhaps you are able to send and finance some of the needed personnel to us to help us with therapy, it would also be gratefully excepted.

We do not ask of you to give everything that we require, but please to help us to obtain any of these goals. If you are able to help us financially, we will appreciate it. If you can help us in any small way, that will also be appreciated, and if you can direct us to somebody else in the world that could perhaps assist us, that would also be appreciated.

We are most willing to give recognition to individuals and organisations that make substantial contributions.

If you would like to make financial contributions our banking particulars are :

                        Swift Code NEDSZAJJ

                        Child Welfare Bethlehem

                        Free State South Africa

                        Nedbank Bethlehem

                        Cheque account no 1101001909

                        Bankbranch number 110133

    You can also visit our web site at which is still under construction,

 We would be more than willing to receive any of your delegates who wish to come and visit us and our children

This is a sincere request to you on behalf of the children and families to please assist us in any manner you can.







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