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Accident Injury Claim : Having Accurate Medical records

September 20, 2013



In order to receive fair compensation from your accident injury claim, you must give the insurance company a detailed account of the injuries you suffered.

The best way to show which injuries you suffered is by providing the insurance company a detailed medical report.

Here are the main things that should be included in your report.

Your Accident Injuries

It is incredibly important that your medical report states ALL of your injuries as accurately and extensively as possible.  If an injury does not show up in your medical records, it might as well not exist for the insurance companies.  This means you will not be adequately compensated for your pain and suffering.

Make sure you speak with your doctor about all your injuries and include them in the report before submitting it to your insurance company.

Recovery Time

Ask your doctor to also mention how long it is taking you to recover from your injuries.  The time to recover is an important part of your medical report.  It can significantly affect how much money you receive for your accident injuries.  This is because the length of recovery time is used to assess the seriousness of your injury.  An injury that takes 2 months to recover from is considered “more serious” than an injury that takes 2 days of recovery time.

You should check with your medical records and speak with your doctor to make sure your recovery time is accurately reflected in your report.

Pre­existing Injuries

Your medical records may also mention a “pre­existing injury”. This is an injury that already existed but was re­injured in the accident. For example you had a “bad back” which you re­ aggravated as a result of your accident.

Pre­existing injuries are used to lower your final injury settlement.  The rationale is that you should only be compensated for injuries that were caused by the accident, not for the increased level of injury which already existed.  This makes sense.

However, it is not always easy to tell from your medical reports how much of an injury already existed and how much was due to the accident. You may claim that all of your injuries were caused by the accident, while the insurance company may argue that your old injuries are simply resurfacing.

To avoid any confusion, ask your doctor to give an estimate about your pre­existing and accident caused injury. Doctors are used to the questions about pre­existing injuries and dealing with insurance companies. If a substantial percentage of your injury was caused by the accident, ask the doctor to state this fact inside the medical report.


In order to receive fair compensation for your accident injuries, you must be able to show all of your injuries through your medical report. Ask your doctor to create a brief report which specifically lists your injuries, your treatment, and your recovery time. Ask them to also assess your current and pre existing injuries.

Having an accurate medical report gives your credibility and will significantly increase your chance of getting a fair compensation for your accident injuries.

This article was provided by Accident Injury Claim Help