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 Adaptive Sports Event at the Durham County Wildlife Club


Saturday April 24th, 2010

Durham County Wildlife Club

Morrisville, NC

David Kiley, Carolina Director


This past Saturday or April 24th saw a first-time adaptive clay shooting target event take place at the wonderful Durham County Wildlife Club in Durham North Carolina. The shoot saw many first time shooters having a BLAST..! 12-14 shooters came over the course of the day both men and women. No youth were there this time as the SEWSA Games (track and field) were going on at the same time.

 Each adaptive shooter had a local member instructor working with them and the results were quite astounding. We shot trap in the morning and after a great chicken and barbecue lunch from Smithfield's everyone moved to a sporting clay set up called 5 Stand... there was one member volunteer who controlled 18 different throwers. As a shooter you could select where you wanted the clay pigeon to come from. There were some crazy options like a rabbit (clay pigeon) that shot across the ground and it was popular and challenging to all shooters.

 The highlight of the day (besides the great turn-out and use of an exclusive club) came when Kevin Williams who has Cerebral Palsy and uses a communication board to converse--- attempted to use the gun vice system supplied by North Carolina Handicapped Sportsman.

The system allowed the shooter to dial in on the target with a toggle type joy stick, then using a sip and puff adaptation Kevin could blow the tar out of some stationary balloons and clay targets.

Kevin who always wants to be challenged wanted to take a shot at some moving trap targets. Difficult at best for those who could hold and swing a shot gun; Kevin missed maybe his first 20 shots but with real focus and tenacity he hit a 41mph clay trap target...! Then he did it again and after a couple misses and then again! After lunch at the 5 stand area he repetitively blew everyone's mind with his ability to hit difficult moving targets. Shooting a stationary target or a deer is one thing with this system but clay moving targets was just unbelievable. Every time he hit his target the entire group of shooters, instructors and volunteers erupted with high praise and atta boys...! You can see the system at work with the attached link.


 Another addition to the event came fro North Carolina Wildlife and Resources Commission. They provided a” Huntmaster” unit for display that is used for people with disabilities to either hunt, game watch or take wildlife photography. The unit can be dropped in the woods and will raise up to as high as 19 feet. It can be independently operated from inside and would hold 2- 3 people comfortably. It has a 750 pound weight capacity.


 The event was co-partnered with Bridge II Sports and Turning Point Carolina who have developed a statewide sustainable shooting program seeded with grant funding by Blue Cross Blue Shield. The program has been developing very nicely with the incredible support of state agencies, adaptive organizations, and gun clubs throughout the Carolinas.



 Summer 2010; Kicking off a weekly program for those working with mobility constraints at the Gastonia, NC Skeet and Trap Range operated by the Gastonia Parks and Recreation Program.

Everyone involved is looking forward to continue to improve their skill in this first of many sustainable programs in adaptive target sports.

 Special Thanks to Colin Chura who shouldered much of the organization of this event and all of our shooting programs and events.


Pictures from the Shoot

Reviewed by Michael C Burks -  ICDRI Content Editor





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