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Caregiver’s Corner: A Valuable Resource for Caregivers of a Child with Special Needs



Caring for a child with special needs can be rewarding and fulfilling but also overwhelming and challenging at times. Parents, and other caregivers, of children with special needs, often lack the support and resources that other parents receive.

Whether you, as a parent or caregiver, need some emotional support from others who understand your experiences or you need resources to help you get assistance, Caregiver’s Corner is an important resource.

In an ongoing commitment to listen and help the parents of children with special needs, the Colleran Law Firm created and compiled an extensive listing of valuable resources that every parent and caregiver of a child with special needs can utilize

Some Features of Caregiver’s Corner

We’ve all heard the proverb that “It takes a village to raise a child.” Caregiver’s Corner is the village. As a parent (or caregiver) of a special needs, you may feel alone, feel frustrated, and even worry about being judged.

Caregiver’s Corner is a place of no judgement, and you never have to be alone in your journey as a parent, raising an exceptional child. Whether you’re looking for a document with some information on children and mental health or you have resources you would like to share with other parents and caregivers, Caregiver’s Corner has something for everyone.

Here are some of the features available on the site:

Documents and Websites

Why spend hours on the Internet, trying to find specific documents, e-books, or websites about specific subjects regarding caregivers and children with special needs when you can head straight to Caregiver’s Corner and find what you need?

See that the site is missing something? Help out others like you and add a valuable resource (including your favorite “go to” website) to the Caregiver’s Corner website.

Organizations, Local Businesses, and Hotlines

Feel alone in your journey? Want to know what advocacy groups are in your community? Want to meet more people who share your experiences? Caregiver’s Corner has compiled a list of organizations and is adding more each day. Joining an organization can be a powerful networking tool in building a support system.

Supporting or finding local businesses that advocate or are all-inclusive can make you feel more like you’re part of your community. Need someone to talk to or some quick advice? There are plenty of hotlines with quick and valuable information.


Children with special needs may encounter a variety of health issues, and as a caregiver and parent, it’s important to utilize as many up-to-date resources related to health. Browse the Caregiver’s Corner for something relevant to your child or help the site out and add your own resource.

Caregiver Events

Are you organizing an awareness walk or are looking for fun activities to do with your child with special needs? Caregiver’s Corner posts up-to-date events.