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Some Disabilities Require a Great Lawyer?

The Increasing Role of the Law in Disability Cases

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California accident attorney discusses the ever increasing stress on the justice system and disability claim

Many illnesses and ailments are strictly a matter between the patient and their doctor. However, in many cases where the injury happened due to negligence or recklessness, a legal angle develops. The injured party and their family often needs a skilled attorney to assist them through what is likely a very trying time. So although there is not a requirement to get a lawyer, a victim should seek legal help in order to get paid compensation.

During my years as an attorney, I saw disability due to a number of reasons. There are many instances where it followed a severe car crash. In others, it happened after a work related accident like a slip and fall. Sometimes it developed over a long period. Regardless of the cause, the results are often very similar. The victim and their family has incredible stress and difficulty.

The far reaching effects of a disability are made easier through caring individuals and groups. Some, like the ICDRI, are integral to advances and care. However, there is a long way to go.

Often the legal angle comes due to another party's actions. Perhaps it was a drunk driver that struck another car. In other cases, it was a company owner that didn't include a safety harness on a major job. In others, it was a state or local agency that paved faulty roads or put up improper signs. Regardless of the cause, the effects are often the same.

Determining the Cause Determines Who Pays?

An attorney determines the cause and liability of such an accident. They work with accident reconstructionists on the circumstances of the event. They also interview witnesses and scout out the surrounding area as they figure out how it happened. Such research not only helps the immediate victim but may prevent future accidents. For the victim themselves, the attorneys get to work. The attorney signs up the victims for important programs, including Unemployment, Disability, and Worker's Comp, as needed. Our employment law firm, Ehline Law, finds the best medical care available. In some cases, we pay for the needed care and rehab up front. In challenging the responsible party or parties many uncertainties are gone.

The Right Attorney Makes Things Happen.

The right attorney takes on bad faith insurance companies that refuse to honor their own policies. All of these add up to a bit of peace of mind. It's impossible to completely rebuild a life back to where it was, but this certainly helps. While the first thought might be a doctor, sometimes an attorney can be just as important in the long run. Michael Ehline is the lead attorney at the Ehline Law Firm APLC, a leading disability rights firm in Los Angeles, California. Himself a disabled former Marine, he understands not just the legal side of disability but the human costs as well. He can be reached at michael@ehlinelaw.com.


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