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 Medical Alarm Systems for Seniors and People with Disabilities

Medical Alarm Systems provide a disabled or senior citizen with the comfort of living at home, yet the ability to summon help fast.  A medical alarm system comes in two parts, a wearable pendant and a base station.  The hypo allergenic neck pendant is worn around the neck throughout the day and night.  In the event of the emergency, a user presses the button and the button will activate the base station.  The base station is a small box that is connected to a phone line with a powerful microphone and speaker.  Once the button is pressed, the base station calls a central monitoring station that can listen and talk user through the speak phone in the base station.

The professional operators that handle only medical alarm clients are patient, comforting, and knowledgeable.  They will be able to summon paramedics in an event of a medical emergency or family member in case of a less serious event.  The quick ability to summon help is key to independent living for the who live at home with disabilities.  A trustable medical alarm company is also crucial because when the time comes, your life may depend on their skills. 

Pioneer Emergency is such a company that is trustable and knowledgeable.  We have teamed with the best manufacturers of medical alarm equipment and monitoring station for our customers.  We’ve been selling medical alarms through the internet since 2003 and want to help each customer individually.  Call our toll free number at 1-800-274-8274 and ask how a medical alarm system can help and request a free lock box just for being referred from the IDCRI.


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