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Home Adaptations are Key to Older People Staying at Home for Longer



It can be particularly difficult for people to stay in their homes as they get older as most houses were not originally designed to accommodate the needs of seniors or those with disabilities. But the National Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that home modifications and repairs can prevent up to 50% of accidents.

For many older adults and people with disabilities, home accessibility modifications are the key to successfully being able to stay at home and maintain a level of independence. Home repairs and modifications can vary from some very simple changes to a complete remodeling of the house. But even just a very little change can make it safer, easier and more comfortable to enjoy being at home and carry out basic tasks like moving around the house, bathing and cooking.

An American Association of Retired Persons survey found that 88% of people aged over 65 hoped to be able to remain at home for as long as they could. To make this possible, an increasing number of seniors and older adults with disabilities are adapting their homes to meet their needs.