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Are you Eligible for Social Security Disability?

Social Security Disability Insurance is a federal program for people who are unable to perform their regular work because of a physical, mental or psychological illness or problem. Those who find themselves in a position of not being able to earn a regular income because of a physical or psychological problem can take advantage of this benefit which is overseen by the Social Security Administration. If you have held a job with Social Security coverage and can establish your disability under the guidelines established by Social Security Administration, you can submit an application to start receiving these monthly benefit payments.

It is helpful to know some of the basic criteria used for using eligibility for Social Security Disability:

1. You must have worked in a job that has had Social Security coverage and through that should have made Social Security contributions.

2. You have to have worked a specific amount of time to ensure that you have the required credits for collecting Social Security Disability insurance. This is a by a combination of age and years in the work force.

3. Your medical condition should have a direct impact on your ability to do your regular work.

4. There should be reason to believe that this disability will impact your work for at least a year as that is considered the minimum time that will qualify a person for Social Security Disability. There are other programs that take care of situations such as short-term disability or partial disability.

5. If you have found alternate employment, you need to be making less than $900.00 per month to qualify for Social Security disability.

If you can check off these five basic items on our check list, you are probably eligible for disability benefits. There is a Benefit Eligibility Screening Tool available on the Social Security Administration website that is useful for determining your eligibility for benefits and it also for makes recommendations for which Federal program best matches your situation. It is a step by step questionnaire that helps you determine whether your situation qualifies you to apply for disability benefits.

You should get the application going as soon as you can establish eligibility. You can apply online or at a Social Security office near you. You will need to have reliable medical records detailing your condition and supporting your claims of inability to perform your regular work. If you qualify for Social Security Disability, you are entitled to get a monthly check after the completion of five months of disability. The checks are paid for a period at the end of the coverage period.

Do remember that if there is any change in your medical history or in your family situation, you are required by law to report it right away as this has a bearing on your receiving disability payments. You will be required to have medical check-ups at regular intervals to assess the continuation of the problem. Similarly, other payments are also pertinent to establishing your eligibility for Social Security disability.

Your family members are also eligible to get a portion of what you receive as disability benefits. If your spouse or children meet certain requirements they can also receive your Social Security Disability payments. If there is any change in the family situation such as if you divorce the parent, a step-child covered by your Disability insurance is no longer a regular beneficiary.

Social Security Disability insurance is meant to provide peace of mind to people who find themselves incapacitated and worried about financial uncertainty. The process is not easy, but with the right attention to detail and a certain amount of patience; you will eventually receive Social Security Disability benefits. By keeping meticulous records and ensuring that you are able to fulfill all the legal requirements of proving your disability, you can establish your eligibility for disability benefits (which is the most imperative part).

Disability Determination Services will be processing your application and determining your eligibility for the insurance. The process of screening is stringent and many applicants are denied if the medical condition is not deemed severe. However, if you have genuine concerns about the impact of your health on your job performance, be patient and make your case during the appeals rounds – it is very likely that the judge will appreciate your position and give you the eligibility stamp for disability benefits.

John Dowling is the Senior Editor of Social Security Disability Help, the web’s ultimate resource for guiding people with disabilities to the benefits they deserve. For more information, feel free to visit Social Security Disability Help