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Touch Language


Diamgram of the hand used for Touch Language

New technology to benefit individuals who are blind, or deaf and blind was just released as an electronic book called Touch Language and is available for free download (details below).

Touch Language is a universal language and operates across languages and cultures. It enables blind and deaf-blind individuals to communicate and also "watch" TV. It requires wearing electronic gloves that produce pecking on areas of the hands and fingers, as well as vibrations.

Touch Language is based on concepts that are identified by areas on the hands and fingers, which gives it's universality.  

It will take time to learn the language, like any new language and the rewards make it worthwhile.

Touch Language was developed by Dr. Liebermann, who is known to many of our visitors, as the president of Signtel (www.signtelinc.com) and the inventor of the Telephone for the Deaf and the eCane. Touch Language is posted on the Signtel web site and is available for  free download at  http://www.signtelinc.com/touch-language.html

The author, being cognizant of variances in Sign Language, based on geographic locations, and wishing to preserve the universality of Touch Language, as well as prevent confusion from the blind and deaf-blind communities, as Touch Language evolves with new words or symbols has taken an interesting step. He is in the process of creating a "World Touch Language Forum" that will analyze and sanction any new additions or changes to Touch Language. He is providing the Form with enforcement tools by assigning to the Form the patent rights of Touch Language that he obtained for that reason. The download page also enables anyone to nominate individuals to the World Touch Language Form, as well as make suggestions or provide comments.