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 Web Accessibility & SEO Merge Together!

Since search engine algorithms are changing daily and when Google speaks everyone listens it is only fitting that the two merge together. Matt Fusinato "SEO Consultant/Coach" and Cornelius Butler "Web Accessibility Consultant/Site Redesign Expert." decided to make this happen.

One day while doing research Matt saw multiple articles explaining how online Google was ranking websites higher that are accessible other than ones that are not. Google even started their own experiment called Google Accessible Search through Google Labs. At the time Matt was already Director of Web Development for Accessiblenet.com which is a website he did the SEO for and helped create for Cornelius over at Butlernewmedia.com.

Something clicked in Matt's head one night. Why not combine Search Engine Optimization and Web Accessibility into one happy merge? This will combine a nice One | Two Punch!
It all makes perfect sense. Eventually if the major search engines are going to rank a website higher if they are accessible or not, and they are already ranking websites higher that have nice white hat SEO done on them, then why not add the two together for their new and existing clients?

This is exactly what these two pioneers are doing now a days

They are creating an environment where search engines and humans of all kinds can find any website they are able to repair.
This is an idea in it's early stages between these two firms, yet don't let that detour you from checking these guys out. Currently Matt is offering Free SEO XRays to any new client who visits his website RenegadeTravelMarketer.Com. This SEO XRay will give him an inside look at the powers/relevancy of the words you are currently using and give you ideas of how you can easily tap into the huge 54 million strong $1+ trillion dollar market (Disabled web users) and every able bodied person who uses the web daily.

Getting your website found on the top pages of the major search engines now a days is priceless. Not many people are using the phone books anymore and for everything from local deliveries to world wide shipments more and more people are searching the web. If they find you on the search engines or if you let Matt do a complete Video/Article Blasting campaign for you and those get found with a link to your website on them, then you will generate Organic Pre Sold traffic to your website constantly while you sleep!

Every website owner should consider every aspect of their website as to how they can tap into every market, because you never know who will end up being your next best repeat customer.

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