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Helping the Consumer Choose a Power Wheelchair


A quick summary of Wheelchairforme.com’s service starts with the client. Our focus is on providing the best experience for them as they start the process of getting a mobility device. Most of the people who come to our site are individuals who have never had a wheelchair before and have only recently realized they need one either due to an injury, age, or health issues. This can be a difficult time and we want this process to be as smooth as possible for them. Our primary function is to match an individual who comes to us to a trusted wheelchair provider that can match their unique needs. We have a database of trusted wheelchair provider partners whom we have worked with and know are high quality companies with a strong customer service and performance record. We look at each visitor’s needs and match them with one of these partners who service their area.

During the process of matching our client with one of our trusted partners, we also strive to make them an informed consumer. We want to make sure visitors to our site understand their rights under federal, state or private insurance. We also want to make sure they understand they are not getting a “free” wheelchair. In the optimal case, one of our providers will get a client a power wheelchair that is completely paid for by their insurance. This means the client has no out of pocket expenses, but someone is still paying for the power wheelchair – the insurance company, or technically the taxpayers through a government program. Our goal is for all of our clients to get this optimal situation, but the truth of the matter is not everyone has the right insurance to achieve this. We make sure our clients understand this and understand that in some cases they may need to pay for a portion of their wheelchair.

On top of understanding the wheelchair acquisition process, we have a number of resources on our site ranging from our user forum, our blog, articles on mobility topics, wheelchair reviews and a FAQ section that are all frequently updated and added to. Many of our clients continue to come back and visit us for the information on our site long after they have received their wheelchair.

Our service and the information on our site is completely free. There is no charge from us to visitors and individuals who use our matching technology to find the right wheelchair provider for them. We continually work to improve our service and our information resources to better serve our clients.

 if you have any additional questions about Wheelchairforme.com please visit the site at http://www.wheelchairforme.com/


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