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AmeriGlide, a Company Devoted to the Independence of those with Mobility Impairments


Located in Raleigh, NC, AmeriGlide (http://www.AmeriGlide.com/ ) is a company that devotes itself to providing technology to those with Mobility Impairments who need Lift Solutions.  The company was started in 2003.  AmeriGlide is the recognized leader for products focused on  Lift Solutions.

AmeriGlide has a scholarship program for those who are using wheelchairs.  It is called AmeriGlide Achiever Scholarship. The program was first instituted in 2008 and continues to be offered.  Details can be found at http://www.ameriglide.com/scholarship/.  Program has helped many wheelchair users to attend college and is continuing to do so.

The products AmeriGlide offers on their website can help those with Mobility Impairments lead independent lives.  Below is a summary of some of the categories of products offered by AmeriGlide:

 Stair Lifts

AmeriGlide offers several varieties of Stair Lifts to for those who need assistance in this area.  They offer Electric Powered Stair Lifts, Battery Powered Stair Lifts, Heavy Duty Stair Lifts, and Factory Reconditioned Stair Lifts.

Vertical Lifts,

Verticle Lifts for Residential, Commercial, and Portable use are offered.  These quiet and dependable lifts help people maintain their independence by providing a means to lift persons from the ground to the main floor of their home or business.

Wheelchair Lifts,

These lifts allow the transportation of wheelchairs, scooters and power chairs.  A variety of lifts are offered for transporting each type item. 


The AmeriGlide Express dumbwaiter makes it easy to move items such as laundry, groceries, and other difficult to carry items in a multistory residence. 


AmeriGlide will soon offer the AmeriGlide Elite Residential Elevator which can offer assistance to those who need it.  It is a welcome addition in situations where people need to use an elevator to move from one floor to another in a residence or commercial building

AmeriGlide Bath Lifts

AmeriGlide offers  bath lifts which are high quality and easy to use and maintain.

AmeriGlide Walk-In Bathtubs

The latest addition to the Ameriglide web site is a walk in Bathtub which offers enhanced safety and security for those with Mobility Impairments or for older citizens.   

Other Products

Other products are offered as well and a visit to the web site at http://www.ameriglide.com/ is the best way to find out what other products are being offered as well as what is new!

Assistance for choosing the right product

The web site offers resources to help choose the product that serves the needs of the user and is quite helpful in explaining each type of product.


Ameriglide is an outstanding company which provides products for people with mobility impairments.  They provide good products at reasonable prices.  More than just the products they are providing, they are helping people with mobility impairments to further their education with the AmeriGlide Achiever ScholarshipIf you are in need of these types of products, or know someone who is, give their site a visit at http://www.ameriglide.com/


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