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Choosing a Bed and Accessories For People With Disabilities


Stephani Hovian



Most people with disabilities will spend more time on their beds than anywhere else. For this reason, it is important that their beds be comfortable and has accessories that can help them get by comfortably. You can either choose a specialized bed that will work positively towards giving the individual an easy time according to their disability or work with a standard bed fitted with accessories that will help in making the bed more comfortable

Variable Posture bed

This is a bed designed to be adjusted to suit the needs of the individual on it. The head end of the bed can elevate to provide more shoulder and back support and a knee break will stop the user from sliding down. This bed can be automatic with the positions changed using buttons or it can be manual.

After choosing the bed, the mattress is another important factor. People with disabilities need mattresses that can provide support or offer some comfort level depending on their situation.

Orthopedic Mattresses

Most mattress manufacturers have models they refer to as orthopedic. These are firm mattresses that provide more support than the standard mattresses. The user should test the mattress before you purchase it because they can decide on the mattress they will feel comfortable sleeping on. If the user is not in apposition to test the mattress, then you can talk to a specialist on the type of mattress that will be best for their condition. Because the user will be spending a great deal on time on the mattress, it is a lot of time to be on an uncomfortable surface. This is why it is important to choose the most comfortable mattress for them.


Depending on the disability, there are multiple accessories that can be used to make an individual with disabilities comfortable on a bed. The following are some of these accessories.

Waterproof bedding – Though waterproofing methods may be noisy and can make the bed quite uncomfortable, there are brands that try to make these accessories less noisy and less uncomfortable. These water proofing accessories may include duvets, mattress covers and pillowcases.

Support accessories – We all know that disability is not inability but there are some situations that will need a little support when the user is moving or wants to get out of bed. For this reason, there are support accessories that are available to make things easier. These things include mattress inclinators, grab handles, pull straps, lifting poles, pillow lifters, and elevating units among many other accessories that can help in making movement easier.

Other things that you might consider when choosing a bed for a person with disability include the price, size of the bed, the materials used in making the bed and their level of disability. These factors will help a great deal in choosing a bed and accessories that will ensure that the individual is not only comfortable, but can also move with ease with or without any extra help from the people around.