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Practical Moving and Relocation Advice for the Disabled

by Tom Regev

For disabled people, moving can be a challenging experience that includes finding sources for financial assistance, taking care of accessibility issues and making sure that specialized health services are available in the new location.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that can help disabled people experience an easier moving and relocation process.Things you can do Before the MoveThe first thing to do is to check whether the new location already has all the accessibility that you need. If you need perform adaptations, make sure you know what they are and that you understand the costs involved.Create a checklist of all the disability services that you need and check if they are available in the new location. Also, check if any of the specialist health services you currently receive can be transferred.  

Centers for Independent Living

Getting the perspective of other disabled people about the new city or town you will be relocating to can be very useful. Centers for Independent Living will be able to provide such counseling and assistance. More importantly, they will provide you with the chance to speak with disabled people in the area you will be relocating to and to check with them about available services and assistance.

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Financing and Practical Information

The federal website that specifically deals with information and assistance for the disabled is disability.gov. You can search the website for information about finding appropriate housing, services and assistance.If you are in need of financial assistance, check for available grants and funding through social security and organizations such as the National Institute on Life Planning for People with Disabilities, ADAPT and UAP.Before you approach organizations with a request for assistance, make sure you come up with specific details about your needs. Write down all aspects of the relocation that will require funding assistance, such as hiring a relocation company, building a ramp or conducting necessary renovations.

Coming Up with the Right Mover and the Right Moving Plan

When you contact moving companies, check if they have any experience in relocating people with disabilities. If possible, ask to get some references from people with disabilities that have already used the moving company.It is highly recommended to use full packing services. When you choose the full packing, full service option, the mover will arrive the day before the actual relocation and pack all boxes and breakables for you. Most professional movers will also offer unpacking services at the destination.If you are requesting financial assistance, make sure that you mention the need for packing and unpacking services, as these will make the moving charges more expensive.

This article was written by Tom Regev and sponsored by the Canada Shipping website