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Online Shopping For Consumers With Disabilities



For consumers with disabilities, buying products online rather than traveling to a store has obvious advantages.

Rather than an unpredictable store environment, people can shop in the comfort of their home. Traveling to the store doesn’t require a car or getting to the bus stop—just walk a few steps to the home computer, or open up a mobile phone app. And comparison shopping for the best price is easy—and can even be done automatically. Getting the best price is important when you’re part of a group that averages lower incomes and higher medical bills than the overall population. Still, online shopping can come with its own accessibility challenges. People with impaired vision may struggle to read product information and prices. People with learning disabilities may find the purchase process difficult to navigate. Other physical impairments, like limited hand mobility, can cause their own problems.

At Wikibuy, we connect millions of online shoppers, who help each other find the best prices for thousands of products sold online. We want as many people as possible to enjoy the freedom and convenience of online shopping—no one should be excluded.

So, we created this comprehensive guide of accessibility solutions for people with disabilities. In the guide, people with disabilities and their caretakers can find specific products to assist those with:

The guide also contains accessibility resources and recommendations for those who design websites. We hope you are able to find at least one accessibility product that makes online shopping (and all the other online activities) easier for yourself, a family member, a friend, or a client. Happy shopping! The guide is found at: https://wikibuy.com/blog/online-shopping-for-consumers-with-disabilities-f45fffeeb5c2