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Talking Books International, Inc. pioneered the Talking Bible® and has been providing thousands of Talking Bibles to blind and illiterate people around the world for the last decade.  The founders started in the mission fields with a vision from God that people need to HEAR the word of God and not just read it (Romans 10:17).  Once it is heard, transformation takes place as what is heard immediately resonates with God’s law which he put in our minds and wrote in our hearts (Heb 8:10 and 10:16).


The first Talking Bible was a large cassette player.  Now it is a handheld, high quality, digital audio player that comes pre-loaded with the Old and New Testament and comes in many different languages.


  There are no moving parts.  No CDs or downloads are required.


The Talking Bible is very popular with folks who are physically impaired, bedridden or home bound.  A powerful speaker allows for safe and convenient listening when ear buds or headphones are not preferred. (headphone jack included)


For more details please call David Young at TBI, Inc. (877)-791-9093 or email at TheTalkingBook@yahoo.com



Easy to use and lightweight · Passport size (3.5” x 5”) · Entire New and Old Testaments · Select Book and Chapter (+ / - ) · Scroll to favorite Scripture passages > hold down chapter up or down buttons to skip through verses – (it starts off slow and increases in speed as the button is held down) · On/Off Rotary Volume Control (Audio will begin where it left off when unit gets turned back on) · External (6) volt DC and earphone jack · Locator reference button to assist visually challenged · Package includes: Talking Bible®, 3 AA batteries · Optional: AC/DC power adaptor (110/220 volts), ear bud headphones


The Talking Bible is a registered trademark of Talking Books International, Inc.


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