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Please select a link from  the list provided.  If you know of resources that should be added please feel free to contact us or add sites that you think are needed or appropriate.  If you know of an organization that does not have a Internet site, the Center will create a web page for that organization.  Please go to the Create section of our site.  The Center's staff will create a page an put it in the database as soon as possible.

Revisit this page often -- it is continually being updated.

Baan Khun Daeng- Wheelchair Accessible Holiday in Thailand


AIDS News Thailand

CAPCAT Duang Prateep Foundation

Women's Health Advocacy Network, Mahidol University

Department of Public Welfare

The Women and Development Online Information Project

Highland Quality of Life - Bahn Ruam Jai Project, Thailand

Women's Studies Center, Chiangmai University

The Chaipattana Foundation

Ministry of Public Health

Coalition Against Prostitution and Child Abuse in Thailand

Duang Prateep Foundation

The National Council of Women of Thailand

Sem Pringpuangkeo Foundation

Thai Women of Tomorrow, Chiang Mai

Friends for Life Foundation, Chiangmai, Thailand

National Commission on Women's Affairs (TNCWA)

Center of Education for the Advancement of Lanna Women, Chiang Mai University

Geriatric Problems in the Coming Decade and Their Remedies Thailand

The Impact of AIDS on Children

The Impact of AIDS on Children 2

OrchidMania's Asia Project

The Nation council on Social Welfare of Thailand

SAAN, The Southern Alternative Agriculture Network, Thailand

RVSD - The Redemptorist Vocational school for the Disabled,Pattaya.

Organizations for Thai women



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