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Bank of America announces its continued commitment toward serving its visually impaired customers

January 30, 2004
For immediate release


WASHINGTON, D.C. ­ Bank of America Accessible Banking™ announced today enhancements made to the company’s web site to help ensure greater access choices for all customers. Following W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, the Bank of America web site offers increased accessibility for users of assisted technology such as screen readers and those who access financial information from web-enabled cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs).

“We are listening to all of our customers to learn the best ways of helping them do business with us,” said Annette Kellermann, Accessible Banking program manager. “For example, we have made web site improvements as well as implemented improvements to how we service customers with disabilities after receiving feedback from one of our valued local customers who is visually impaired. We realize that financial independence is as much about access as it is about money.”

After sharing an experience she had while trying to gain access to her safe deposit box, Bank of America customer Doris Walker and her guardian, Andrea Sloan, R.N., Esq., noted that more information and guidance was needed for bank associates to better serve customers with vision impairments. Bank of America responded by providing additional training for its associates in the Northeast Washington, D.C., region.

“We are committed to meeting our customers’ needs and appreciate this issue being brought to our attention," said Kellermann. "From Talking ATMs, to Braille and large-print bank statements and raised line checks, we’re doing as much as we can to create a positive banking experience for our customers with vision impairments.”

Bank of America is a leader in demonstrating a holistic approach to providing products, programs and services for customers using the company’s disability and accessibility resources. Bank of America customers can also now utilize a variety of new online features including:

Audio. Customers with special software can have the site read to them. Customers also can skip from subject to subject to find the information they need, rather than waiting for the audio to read through the entire page.

Text enlargement options. Customers can increase the size of text through their Internet browsers without degrading the overall appearance of the site.

Online applications. Applying online makes it easier for customers with disabilities to get what they need without leaving their homes or offices. Disclosures and fees are included in Account Forms section.

Simplified navigation. Finding information about accounts and services is easier with a straightforward approach to organizing the site, including an Information Center. Customers can get frequently requested brochures and fact sheets as well as information about scholarships, career opportunities or upcoming disability-related events. The ATM locator can now default to Talking ATM searches for customers with vision impairments

One of the world's leading financial services companies, Bank of America is committed to making banking work for customers and clients like it never has before. Through innovative technologies and the ingenuity of its people, Bank of America provides individuals, small businesses and commercial, corporate and institutional clients across the United States and around the world new and better ways to manage their financial lives. The company enables customers to do their banking and investing whenever, wherever and however they choose through the nation's largest financial services network, including approximately 4,400 domestic offices and more than 13,200 ATMs, as well as 31 international offices serving clients in more than 150 countries, and an Internet Web site that provides online banking access to 6 million active users, more than any other bank. The company's Web site is www.bankofamerica.com.

Customers wishing to obtain additional information about Talking ATMs can visit www.bankofamerica.com/accessiblebanking.

Reporters may contact:

Terri Bolling, Bank of America, 410.547.5869


Lainey Feingold

Law Office of Elaine B. Feingold

1524 Scenic Avenue

 Berkeley, CA 94708 (510) 548-5062



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