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 Talking ATMs at CSUN

March 5 2003


To everyone attending CSUN: This year, Bank of America will have *Two* Talking ATMs at CSUN. One will be in the lobby (specific orientation below) and the other will be in the Marriott Exhibit Hall at booth #410 in the New Orleans room (same as last year). They are different machines, as explained below, so I hope people will have the opportunity to try them both.

The Talking ATM in the lobby will be located next to the Destinations coffee bar (across from the main entrance). The lobby Talking ATM will be what the Bank calls a "traditional California voice guidance ATM." This is the machine people will hopefully use for their cash needs while at CSUN. It is important that as many people as possible use the lobby
Talking ATM to help demonstrate to the Marriott that their hotel ATMs should all be Talking. Standard walkman-type earphones will work, and ear buds will also be available at the front desk of the Marriott as well as at the B of A booth (during exhibit hours).

The Talking ATM at the booth will be for demonstration purposes primarily, but will be able to dispense cash. It is the Bank's next generation, new "Advanced Technology" Talking ATM.

Thanks, and please pass this along to other people you know who are attending the CSUN conference.


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