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Resource Name: MaxiAds.com

Associated Organization:

Country of Origin: USA

Address: 42 Executive Blvd.

City: Farmingdale

State or Province: NY

ZIP or Postal Code: 11735 

Telephone: 1-800-522-6294 - (To Order)
1-631-752-0521 - (For Information)

Fax: 1-631-752-0689

Email:  http://www.maxiaids.com/contactus?idstore=0

Site Summary:

Maxi-Aids is happy and proud to present to you our online catalog, which is filled withover 9,000 items and has been designed specifically for your special needs. Our dedicated staff of professionals have devoted a great deal of time and effort in bringing to you what is the most complete and comprehensive online product catalog of its kind. It is designed to be used as a reference guide - that you will be able to refer to time and time again. We hope that you will find it informative, interesting, and easy to read.

Maxi-Aids over the past three decades has evolved to become the world's leading provider of Adaptive Products, Products for Independent Living, and Products designed simply to enhance your lifestyle by making your life and daily tasks easier. Our professional customer service staff is here to give you the quality and professional service you deserve. Even after two decades, Maxi-Aids continues to evolve to expand our product mix and assortment to meet the changing needs of our customers.

- Quoted from the Web Site

Our Mission is to become Your One Source For All Of Your Independent Product Needs.



Disability Association: All disabilities

Internet Location: http://www.maxiaids.com/

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Assistive Technology