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RESNA Technical Assistance Project And Loan Information Plus, State Accessibility Efforts

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Many of the Assistive Technology Act grantees provide refurbished computers and software as well as training to their citizens with disabilities. There is one AT Act project in each state and territory in the United States. RESNA has  information on the Recycling programs on the website.  See information from two conferences they conducted on Recycling: http://www.resna.org/taproject/project/mayreuse.html  and  http://www.resna.org/taproject/project/recycling/RMtoc.htm 

In addition, there are several financial loan programs for people with disabilities. The RESNA Technical Assistance Project was awarded the Technical Assistance grant for the Alternative Financing Technical Assistance Project (AFTAP) for 6 states that were awarded matching federal funds to provide alternative financial loan programs to their citizens with disabilities. See:  http://www.resna.org/AFTAP/index.html 

Other financial loan programs of the AT Act projects are located at http://www.resna.org/AFTAP/state/otherloans.html 

There is also extensive information on the efforts of U. S. States to make websites and other electronic and information technology accessible to the largest audience possible.  This can be found at: http://www.resna.org/taproject/policy/initiatives/508.html#ata 

There is also information on the State's efforts with Section 508 http://www.resna.org/taproject/policy/initiatives/508/508Stateactions.htm 

For Further Information Contact:
Carol Boyer
Project Associate
RESNA Technical Assistance Project
1700 N. Moore Street, Suite 1540
Arlington, VA 22209  




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