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Resource Name: Speechview

Associated Organization:  

Country of Origin: Israel

Address: 20 Hamashimim St.

City: Kiryat Matalon Petach Tikva

State or Province: 

ZIP or Postal Code: 49170

Telephone: 972 3 9217710

Fax:   972 3 9217727


Email:  info@svu.co.il 

Site Summary:   

Speechview is a unique company developing a solution which enables deaf and hard of hearing people (HOH) a link to the hearing world. We cater for the special needs of this community and are able to supply them with products and services that will give them access to parts of the world into which they cannot enter at this stage.

SpeechView's international headquarters and R&D center are located in Israel.

The company is led by seasoned professionals who each contribute many years of technological experience, as well as extensive knowledge and understanding of the world of the hearing impaired.
SpeechView Ltd. aims to be a market leader in providing superior communication solutions to improve the quality of life of individuals with hearing disabilities.
The company develops and markets innovative applications designed to enable individuals with hearing disabilities the possibility to become, for the first time, users of voice based applicationã such as: Mobile phones, Wireline phones, Television, Radio and much more, thus linking them to the hearing world.
We at SpeechView believe in the potential of our technology to truly enrich people's lives around the world and improve the way they communicate, work, have fun and generally interact with the "Hearing World".
SpeechView's products are based on unique, state of the art voice recognition technology, that converts voice to real-time animation by using a 3D IMAGE to transform voice into "enhanced lip reading". Our Technology is language independent, and allows hearing impaired people to communicate with others all over the world.
SpeechView opens new opportunities to applications, content and accessories providers. Our flagship product is software embedded in mobile phones that establishes a new category of wireless devices, allowing deaf and hard of hearing mobile users total freedom to communicate through mobile phones as fully and usefully as hearing people do.

Quoted from the Web Site

Disability Association(s):  Deafness and Hearing Impairments

Internet Location:  http://www.speechview.com/ 

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type:  Assistive Technology Resource, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Resource




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