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AccessLife.com - USA

Site Summary: " Launched in May, 2000, AccessLife.com is committed to providing a unique, all-inclusive on-line destination for individuals in the disability community. AccessLife.com combines all the relevant, up-to-the-minute news and sports, travel information, peer-support, and medical products in a single, reliable site. "

CanDO.com - USA

Site Summary: " CanDo.com is a centralized online resource and Web destination dedicated to delivering hard-to-find and relevant information that inspires greater independence and better daily living for people with disabilities and their support circles. Based on research into the lives, interests, and concerns of people with disabilities, CanDo.com gets to the heart of what is needed most - shared experience and community, a comprehensive range of products, assistive tools, meaningful reporting, personalized services, and practical solutions to everyday needs. "

HalfthePlanet.com - USA

Site Summary" ...the Internet portal where the entire disability community can access reliable services and products, connect with peer support, and keep up with disability-related news and information all day every day. Our site uses the Verdana typeface, which has been tested and found to be the font that s easiest to read for people with impaired vision."

iCan - USA 

" iCan brings together content, community and resources in one place that is easy to navigate and welcomes your input. "iCan will present an incredible collection of resources," says Heidi Van Arnem, iCan founder and CEO. "

WeMedia - USA

Site Summary: "WeMedia Inc. was launched in 1997 by two entrepreneurs, Jerome Belson and Cary Fields, who have worked extensively with disability organizations for more than 40 years. Both founders share a common goal of developing strategies to improve the lives of people with disabilities, through a variety of media offerings."

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