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Christine Maxwell




Founder, and Director of Chiliad, a software company involved in the advance of on-demand, intelligent mining of unstructured data through the use of natural language search technologies. A 27-year veteran of the publishing, market research, and online information retrieval industries, Ms Maxwell has extensive expertise in information retrieval research.  Her research firm "Research on Demand" has been performing online and manual market research projects for major corporations and academic institutions since 1980. Today the company is refocusing its research work around the burgeoning field of decision science.

  • As Director of Pergamon Press Publishers (1982-91) and Macmillan Publishers (1990-91), she has also had extensive publishing experience in Scientific, Technical, Medical (STM) and Educational publishing. Recognizing early on the potential of the Internet for information and knowledge dissemination, Ms. Maxwell co-founded with her twin sister and their husbands, her first Internet publishing company known as The McKinley Group.  As the creator of one of the first highly successful search engine and online 'Michelin type' guides to the Internet  (MAGELLAN - on the Internet, and "The McKinley Internet Yellow Pages", published in hard copy through three editions by Macmillan Publishers), Ms Maxwell has a strong track record in creating innovative information architecture and producing cutting edge publications and information systems and processes for knowledge creation, and delivery. ("Magellan" was selected to be one of the top five directory sites displayed on the Netscape Home Page in 1995-6.  "Magellan" became one of the most visited directory sites on the Internet.  In 1996, The McKinley Group and their online guide, Magellan was sold to Excite.
  • Prior to launching The McKinley Group, Ms Maxwell held senior marketing, strategic business and development positions with Pergamon Press Publishers, Science Research Associates (SRA) and Macmillan Publishing Company. She holds a teaching credential from Lady Spencer Churchill College of Education in Oxford, England, and BA degrees in Sociology and Latin American Studies from Pitzer College in Claremont, California.
  • Since 1996 Christine's attention has been focused on finding the next generation of answers to the 'information overload' challenge and the challenge of figuring out who and what to trust online.   Her work as a former Trustee of the Internet Society was focused on ensuring Internet access for all - which led her to accept a board position at ICDRI in 2002.

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