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Catherine Roy




has been active in the field of disability issues for the last 15 years. She has worked for and with services organisations, advocacy groups and, for the past 6 years, a Quebec workforce adjustment agency, on a variety of key issues for persons with disabilities such as:

  • barrier-free design, 

  • health and social services, 

  •  education and job integration

  •  as well as institutional and governmental policies and programs

 Her main responsibilities have involved project co-ordination, research and issues analysis, production and decimation of various content, media relations, event management, and other related duties.

For the last 3 years, Catherine’s work has focused primarily on the issue of access to new information technologies for persons with disabilities. Among other things, she has co-ordinated and collaborated on research and development projects (screen reader study; a-prompt software translation), given presentations and written and collaborated on papers relating to access to information technologies (Inclusion by Design World Convention 2001; CSUN 2002, ICEA White Book [on-going]), collaborated on various committees and workgroups (CAMO NICTs committee, ICEA NT committee, ICTA-NA advisory board, Adaptech advisory board) and organised the Towards Technology Connected to Diversity symposium in October 2000.

  Born in the mid-1960’s in Toronto, Canada, Catherine has lived most of her life in the province of Quebec. She shares an apartment in Montreal with her cats Zara and Boumboum. 

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