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Community Technology Center Accessibility Resource Page


This page is devoted to finding resources that will help increase the accessibility of the computers and software available at Community Technology Centers across the U. S. and around the world.  If you have comments, need more information, or have resources you would like to see added, please contact us at icdri@icdri.org .

General Resources

Microsoft Accessibility Site

This site has a huge amount of information, including instructions on how to use the built in accessibility features of Microsoft operation systems, applications, and other software.

IBM Special Needs

"The future of personal computing looks bright and exciting in our information age, and the IBM Accessibility Center team is committed to providing people with disabilities greater access to information and technology, making a difference today and tomorrow."

Alliance for Technology Access (ATA)

"The mission of the Alliance for Technology Access is to connect children and adults with disabilities to technology tools."

RESNA Technical Assistance Project And Loan Information

Resources for Software and Operating Systems

Assistive Technology Resources

Closing the Gap

"Computers are tools that can provide solutions to many problems facing people with disabilities today. Closing The Gap, Inc. is an organization that focuses on computer technology for people with special needs through its bi-monthly newspaper, annual international conference and extensive web site."

Dragon Systems - Voice Input

A well developed speech input product for those who cannot or prefer not to type.

Home Page Reader - Free Trial

This is a screen reader for the Web to help blind, dyslectic, or vision impaired users.

GW Micro - Window Eyes Screen Reader - Free Trial

An excellent screen reader available on free trial.

JAWS - Screen Reader - Free Trial

One of the most widely used screen readers for blind, dyslectic, or vision impaired users available on free trial.



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