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The Boosting the Net 2000 Report 


The Boosting the Net 2000 Report is online at http://www.netecon2000.com/. As a participant in the online think-tank debate, I am pleased to report selected recommendations addressing accessible web:

Recommendation 44: Online elections should always be accompanied by a well-publicized and easy-to-use postal voting option, to ensure access for all. Election web sites must also be thoroughly checked against accessibility standards to allow access by the blind and visually impaired people, disabled people, those with early versions of browser software and others.(Page 28)

Recommendation 46: There is a need to increase awareness among decision-makers at all levels about what new technologies are and what they can be used for, including within local communities where development must be rooted.(Page 29)

Recommendation 52: The technology and communications industries must tackle the ergonomics issues surrounding the use of technology by older people, and design more accessible products and services. (Page 31)

Recommendation 60: Governments should adopt accessible web design policies across all their sites without delay. (Page 34)

Recommendation 61: Lobby groups and others should develop portfolios of example web sites that are both highly accessible and highly attractive, to show people what is possible. (Page 35)

There were 66 recommendations in total and I recommend that members view the entire report since there are many interesting issues addressed.

Cynthia D. Waddell 
ADA Coordinator
City Manager Department
City of San Jose, CA USA
801 North First Street, Room 460
San Jose, CA 95110-1704
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