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Cynthia Waddell Becomes New Executive Director of ICDRI

June 20, 2002

The International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet (ICDRI) announced today in Washington DC that Cynthia Waddell has accepted a position as Executive Director of ICDRI. The announcement was made at The Internet Society INET2002 international conference where Cynthia Waddell presented on Accessibility as part of the Governance Track.

"ICDRI is pleased to make this announcement as it signals our movement forward in the global knowledge base of quality disability resources and best practices," remarked Michael Burks, ICDRI Public Information Officer and Chairperson of the Access Special Interest Group of The Internet Society.

Burks added, "Cynthia Waddell is a well known advocate for fair and equal treatment of people with disabilities under the law.  She has spoken in many places, on the subject of the Internet and the fair and accessible presentation of information for everyone."

Cynthia Waddell, formerly the ADA Compliance Officer for the City of San Jose and one of the founders of CIBER's Accessibility Center of Excellence, is a Public Interest Disability Rights Scholar from Santa Clara University School of Law. A person with a disability, for the past decade she has worked as an ADA Consultant for universities and governments where she served as a tireless advocate for the entire community of people with disabilities.

To learn more about Cynthia and her many accomplishments visit Collected Works of Cynthia Waddell




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