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David Sullivan




In the late 1980s a huge effort for disabled sportsmen began in Alabama. David Sullivan, a Tuscaloosa, Alabama native who had lost a leg to a motorcycle accident founded the Alabama Handicapped Sportsmen (AHS). Because of the large number of disabled sportsmen in Alabama, AHS soon grew beyond belief. The apparent need for a national program like AHS became obvious, so in 1993 Sullivan transferred his focus to helping folks from all across the country. Buckmasters and the Buckmasters American Deer Foundation (BADF) adopted his new national program. BADF began organizing and educating disabled sportsmen around the nation, conducting numerous hunts and other events, as well as providing adaptive equipment and crucial information on hunting and shooting opportunities. Then in 1998 the organization started a program called Life Hunts to grant hunting wishes to critically ill and severely disabled children. This program was necessary because mainstream wish granting organizations like Make-A-Wish adopted policies on not granting any hunting related wishes. In 2002 BADF placed 44 individuals on Life Hunts.

BADF’s outreach is made possible by funds provided by local chapters. These chapters hold annual fundraising banquets similar to those conducted by Ducks Unlimited and National Wild Turkey Federation. Chapters help provide venison for food banks, support for deer study groups and support for state game and fish agencies. But the major initiate of many of our chapters is to support hunters with disabilities, and Life Hunts. These programs are expanded annually, as more and more funding becomes available.

David Sullivan is 42 years old, the father of two boys.

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