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 Dental Resources for People with Disabilities

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Below are some listings of resources in the US to help people with disabilities who are in need of dental work, and have  specific needs arising from their disability find a dentist who can work with the person and their disability.    If you have suggestions or some new resources, please send them to icdri@icdri.org. We will get them up on the this page as soon as possible.

Be aware that you will have to make a number of contacts and be persistent in contacting the resources as well as being specific as to what you needs are.

Not all organizations listed will provide direct assistance, but they are good organizations and may well be able to help find resources that can provide direct help in the areas needed. 

Resources and Suggestions

1. Visit the dental society website for the state in which you live The American Dental Association lists these societies on their web site at http://www.ada.org/ada/organizations/searchcons1.asp

2. Call or write the dental society and ask for a referral to some dentists willing to work with you.

3. Be prepared to ask for/request the specific accessibility/reasonable accommodations that you want (e.g., an examination room that fits a wheelchair, an X-ray device that fits a wheelchair, a sign language interpreter, etc... being specific with this will avoid unnecessary trips and frustration.

4. If income assistance is needed, you may find out that there are hospitals (generally non-profit) that have dental clinics for low income people. To locate these you will have to ask around such as by calling local hospitals to see

(a) if they have a dental clinic and

(b) if they have a subsidy program or a stretch payment schedule.

5. Call the state Independent Living Center (ILC) for your state and ask them if they have some referrals or ideas. Check http://www.ilusa.com/links/ilcenters.htm  for a listing of all ILCs in the USA.

6. If you are a veteran, or feels comfortable calling a local veterans' group for advice and referrals, give them a call and see if they have resources available.. Such organizations as:

American Legion - http://www.legion.org/?content=help_contact

DAV - http://www.dav.org/contact_us.html

Veterans of Foreign Wars -http://www.vfw.org/index.cfm?fa=misc.contact&cfid=6021739&cftoken=90890471

Vietnam Veterans of America - http://www.vva.org/contact.html


7. Contact any Dental Schools in your state. They often will provide free or low cost dental care to people willing to have dental work undertaken by a student at the dental school. Note that in these instances, there is, or should be, a supervising accredited dentist overseeing the student's work.




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