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Resources Related to Dyslexia 



This page is devoted to resources related to dyslexia. Most of the links lead to resource pages  which will tell you some things about the resource.     These pages allow you to get an idea of whether the resource is appropriate for your needs.  The Center would like to express it gratitude for the  research  done by Joy Love, who was the inspiration for these pages and did a huge amount of work in researching these resources.

If you have other resources please let us know by contacting us at: icdri@icdri.org 

Or you may fill out a registration form and we will include the resource as soon as possible.

You might also want to visit our Books section. or choose some of the books below:


The Dictionary of Perfect Spelling

Overcoming Dyslexia

Foundations of Reading Acquisition and Dyslexia

The Gift of Dyslexia: Why Some of the Smartest People Can't Read and How They Can Learn

How to Teach Your Dyslexic Child to Read: A Proven Method for Parents and Teachers

The Dyslexic Scholar: Helping Your Child Succeed in the School System

Helping Your Dyslexic Child: A Step-By-Step Program for Helping Your Child Improve Reading, Writing, Spelling, Comprehension, and Self-Esteem

Dyslexia: Research and Resource Guide

The Upside-Down Kids: Helping Dyslexic Children Understand Themselves and Their Disorder

Let's Talk About Dyslexia (The Let's Talk Library)

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Alabama Scottish Rite Foundation Learning Centers - USA
"Helping Alabama's Children with Language and Learning Difficulties including Dyslexia"

Audibox - USA
Audiblox is a system of cognitive exercises, aimed at the development of foundational learning skills.

AVKO Dyslexia Research Foundation - USA
Learning Disabilities/Dyslexia Specialists. AVKO - Audio, Visual, Kinesthetic, & Oral a multi-sensory

Bright Solutions for Dyslexia, LLC - USA
"Bright Solutions for Dyslexia is an educational outreach company whose mission is to increase awareness of dyslexia and ADD/ADHD by providing research-based information to parents, teachers, and other professionals."

Colligo - USA
Colligo’s technology makes knowledge accessible and affordable for all

The Dictionary of Perfect Spelling
A new dictionary devoted to those who have trouble spelling the British version has just been published and the American version will be published next year.

Disabled Student Program.  - Yahoo Resource Collection on disabled student progrmam
If you have a learning problem check the college or University that you are interested in to see if they have a Disabled Student Program. Make an appointment and talk with a person there. Most Universities now have a department for disabled students. Please note make sure to learn what all they can offer the student in regards to equipment and their disability.

Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center - USA
"The Dyslexia Awareness and Resource Center is here to help students and adults with dyslexia and ADD, as well as their parents, teachers and professionals who work with them."

The Dyslexia Center - USA
A site with  coursework and other resources addressing dyslexia.

The Davis Center - USA
The Davis Center's unique Diagnostic Evaluation for Therapy Protocol (DETP) identifies core issues in the areas of hearing, speech, learning, language

Dyslexia Adults Link - USA
This site deals with issues for adults with dyslexia.  It is comprehensive and has many resources including a books and software section.

Dyslexia in Adults - USA
This is a community for all dyslexic adults, from students to the retired dyslexic

Dyslexia and Handicaps - Yahoo resource collection

Many people who have dyslexia may also have a handicap in some cases they go hand in hand which can make life much harder in looking for work or getting through school.

Dyslexia My life - USA
Are you interested in finding out more about Dyslexia and Learning? If so, you've come to the right place

Dyslexia, The Gift - USA
Site about Davis Dyslexia Correction.

Dyslexia Parents Resource - USA
This site contains a huge number of resources dealing with dyslexia from many different perspectives, including parent, student, and teacher.

Dyslexia Resource - USA
Developed by parents for parents to assist them through the maze of learning disabilities (dyslexia).

Dyslexia Teacher - USA
Certificate in the Teaching of Children with Dyslexia (or similar difficulties)

Dyslexia Test.com Research into Dyslexia
"Articles about dyslexia and the experience of being dyslexic"

Dyslexic.com - UK
Aims at being a comprehensive resource of technology based tools to help dyslexic people make the most of their abilities, and background information to help make informed choices.

Education Specialty Schools in Indiana - USA
A listing of specialty schools in Indiana for youths with learning disabilities including dyslexia.

Greenwood Dyslexia & Learning Disabilities Resources - USA
This is a good collection of resources about dyslexia and related language disorders.

The Greenwood School - USA
.It is the mission of the Greenwood School to research, design, and provide the best academic program and learning environment possible for the comprehensive education of students who have dyslexia and related language difficulties

Go Phonics - Phonics games for those with dyslexia
Go Phonics is an Orton Gillingham based learn to read phonics program.

Hebrew Technology for Learning Disabilities - Israel
 Hebrew Technology for Learning Disabilities - The Site is in Hebrew

The International Dyslexia Association - USA
The International Dyslexia Association (IDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals with dyslexia, their families and the communities that support them

Job-Hunting for the So-Called Handicapped - Book review

K12 Academics - USA
"A National Education & Disability Resource website with a community based approach. We cover every county, city and town in the U.S. If you are looking for a web site or information on a school, organization, museum, consultant, library, camp, study abroad program or support in your area you can find it here. The site also serves as a great resource for Teachers, Parents, Students, Professionals & District Officials in the K-12 Education system with extensive information on various topics in education and disabilities."  - Quoted from the Web Site.

Landmark College - USA
Landmark College is the only accredited college in the country designed exclusively for students of average to superior intellectual potential with dyslexia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (AD/HD), or specific learning disabilities.

LDCoach.com - USA
The Learning to Read Program builds confidence in dyslexic children and helps them successfully work through the obstacles and confusion that they experience when reading.

Learning a Living - Book review

Learning Needs Centre - Singapore - Singapore
The Learning Needs Centre conducts & provides Remedial, Reading & Literacy Programmes, Educational Resources & other services, for children with Dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, and other Learning Difficulties.

Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Dyslexia Resources - USA
"Lucile Packard Children's Hospital is an internationally recognized pediatric and obstetric health care organization dedicated to excellence in patient care, education and research."

Michigan Dyslexic Institute Inc - USA
The Michigan Dyslexia Institute, Inc. (MDI) is a nonprofit organization serving children and adults with dyslexia.

 National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke,  Dyslexia Information Page - USA
"The mission of NINDS is to reduce the burden of neurological disease - a burden borne by every age group, by every segment of society, by people all over the world."

The Public School Parent's Network - USA
t has a number of excellent resources regarding children with learning disabilities in general.

Reading Upgrade - USA
"Reading Upgrade is a creative team of teachers, musicians, artists, and programmers that has been producing award-winning learning programs for 10 years. We produce all the learning content in our programs."

Outside the Box - USA
 "List of Schools and Camps Focused on the Special Needs of Misunderstood Kids."

Recording for the Blind and Dyslectic - USA
For 54 years, RFB&D has been an invaluable educational resource, enabling those with print disabilities to complete their educations, advance their careers, and gain self-esteem.

Research on Dyslexia - Yahoo resource collection on research on dyslexia

Colligo Corp announces development of Assistive Technology that aids many to not only read but also read better than their peers.

SchwabLearning.org - USA
"SchwabLearning.org is a “parent’s guide to helping kids with learning difficulties” that emphasizes useful information and practical strategies."

U. S. Air Force Special Needs Dyslexia Resource  - USA
Resource links on dyslexia on the U. S. Air Force Community Site

The World Dyslexia Network Foundation - UK
The aim of the World Dyslexia Network Foundation is to provide information, international contacts and links by putting organisations, researchers, practitioners and all those seeing information in touch with each other,,,

Kynn Bartlett's New Book
A terrific book on Cascading Style Sheets by one of the leading experts in the field....

Accessible Technology in Today's Business

Constructing Accessible Web Sites
This is the most complete book ever published on the subject!... Plus some others books that will help you build exciting accessible sites!...

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