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   Go Phonics

Resource Summary Page


Resource Name: Go Phonics

Associated Organization: Foundations for Learning, LLC

Country of Origin: USA

:PMB 144
246 West Manson Hwy

City: Chelan

State or Province: WA

Zip or Mail Code: 98816

Telephone: 1(800) 553-5950 or (509) 687-1513


Email: info@gophonics.com

Site Summary: Go Phonics is an Orton Gillingham based learn to read phonics program. It's teacher developed to provide a strong foundation for reading, handwriting, and spelling. Lessons also include grammar, punctuation, comprehension, creative writing. . . Go Phonics addresses a high percentage of the skills required to meet the K-2 language arts curriculum standards.

Comprehensive K-2 Foundation

This is a comprehensive phonics curriculum . Skills are taught one step
at a time in a simultaneous, multi-sensory, building block fashion. Go Phonics has a sequence and instruction that minimizes confusion for struggling readers (designed for dyslexia), and also puts natural readers on the fast track (designed for any age beginning reader).

Ideal Uses

Go Phonics is ideal as a teacher resource, classroom or home school
phonics curriculum or supplement, for remedial reading (reading problems, dyslexia and language based learning disabilities), Special Education, tutoring, after school programs, and parent involvement.

Quoted from the Web Site

Disability Association(s) :Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities,

Internet Location: http://www.gophonics.com/index.htm

Internet Resource Type: Web Site

Resource Type: Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities,



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