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TecAccess is the most awarded Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) accessibility consultancy in the world. We protect your organization by reducing risks and maximizing your value and ROI based on crucial international accessibility initiatives. TecAccess is positioned to help companies target the largest and fastest growing market segment -- people with disabilities and baby boomers, while reducing the risks associated with not being fully accessible to this spiking consumer group.

We are looking for established sales people interested in adding an additional line of business to their current portfolio. The individual must have the drive to be successful selling business to business to expand our network of independent business people throughout the United States. This requires no upfront investments from you and you can expect commissions on sales and on renewals and we funnel all the referrals from your customers to you. Your territory becomes your base of local business customers. Work part time or full time, depending on what you want to make. Experience tells us you should be able to sell 4 to 12 sites per month.

This is not a franchise. There is nothing you have to pay. You get professional sales support, sales literature, and contracts. To help you sell we supply leads, Q&A phone support to you as well as conference calls with customers to help you make sales. Required Skills and Qualifications:

1. A successful record of selling business to business (B2B). We provide product training for the TecAccess program.

2. Hunter mentality and ability to open new accounts as well as the ability to qualify a wide range of prospects and build client relationships.

3. Ability to focus on the sale of high-end technology and to keep up to date on new products, competitive information and current market trends. A general understanding of websites and the internet is required.

4. Possess the highest standard of ethics.

5. Excellent customer relations skills.

Performance of Duties:

1. Initiate sales process by scheduling appointments, making initial presentation and understanding account requirements.

2. Close sales by building rapport with potential accounts, explaining product and service capabilities, overcoming objections and assist in preparing contracts.

3. Contribute information to market strategy by monitoring competitive products and reactions from accounts.

Please email resume and cover letter to bernst@tecaccess  or call 904-538-9459. For more information about our company, please visit our website at www.tecaccess.net







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