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Please select a link from  the list provided.  If you know of resources that should be added please feel free to contact us or add sites that you think are needed or appropriate. These links are closely related to disability resources in the country of Greece and any links you suggest for this page should be related in the same manner.   If you know of an organization that does not have a Internet site, the Center will be glad to create a web page for that organization and host it for them.  Please go to the Create section of our site.  The Center's staff will create a page an put it in the database as soon as possible. The Center's staff is also pleased to help you with research into any disability issues that you may have, simply contact us  and we will do our best to assist you in your efforts.

Revisit this page often -- it is continually being updated.

Disabled Hellas a Site Dealing with Disability Issues in Greece - Greece

Disabled Hellas is the largest collection of disability and rehabilitation related articles and books in Greek language. It is a non profit organization.

The aim of the Disabled Hellas is to produce and distribute all the available information for the disabilities and to empower the Greeks with disabilities with the appropriate technical knowledge and skills to manage their needs and to reconstruct their lives.

European Union Accessible Travel Guide to  Greece (PDF Format)
The Adobe Access site at http://access.adobe.com  helps blind and visually impaired readers to access Adobe Acrobat files.  There are several tools available on the site. 


Multipurpose exercising instrument specially designed for home installation and ease of use for people with special needs.



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