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RFRH - Reseau federatif de Recherche sur le Handicap, i.e. Federative, Network of Research on Disability

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Resource Name: RFRH - Reseau federatif de Recherche sur le Handicap, i.e. Federative, Network of Research on Disability

Associated Organization: National institute for Health and Medical Research(France)

Country of Origin: France

Address: 101, rue de Tolbiac

City: Paris

State/Province: Ile-de-Frances

Telephone: 33(1)44 23 60 00+


FAX: 33 (4) 68 76 39 43

Email: framarch@ext.jussieu.fr 

Site Summary:  The RFRH - Reseau federatif de Recherche sur le Handicap" (RFRH-France)is a research network structure. 27 teams, laboratories and Hospital Departments within the fields of disability, Public Health researches, clinical research and technological researches applied to disability.

The IFRH Web site is bilingual(French and English (US).Ppresentation of the Institute, activities of its teams and their research themes and works. Current events in the field of disability researches:

annoucements of scientific meetings, research calls for tender, calls for communications, cooperations and partnerships. Some of the available information is also provided in full text on the ftp site of the IFRH.

L'Institut Fédératif de Recherche sur le Handicap (RFRH) est l'un des Instituts Fédératifs de Recherche (RFR) dans le domaine des Sciences de la Vie créés conjointement par l'INSERM, le CNRS et les Universités, sous la coordination du Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de la Recherche et de la Technologie.

 Disability Association(s): All Disabilities

Internet Location:  http://rfr-handicap.inserm.fr

Internet Resource Type: Health,  Disability,  Research Organization, Government

Resource Type: 



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