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United Kingdom Legal and Policy Resources 


This section includes resources dealing with  legal issues and disabilities in the United Kingdom.  It is divided into sections and these resources may appear in more than one place.  The information will include papers, case law, and various United Kingdom laws and policies that cover people with disabilities.   If you know of  laws or resources on the Internet that deal with this subject, please contact us, at: icdri@icdri.org.  

The Disability Discrimination Act of 1995 seeks to insure equality for people with disabilities in the United Kingdom.  This includes the accessibility of Government web sites and eventually could force accessibility across the board on web sites in the United Kingdom. In October of 1999 sections of the act came into force which will require service providers to make adjustments for people with disabilities.  This should include ISP's as well as other types of service providers. 

Web Accessibility and the DDA - A Paper by Martin Sloan

Disability Discrimination Act of 1995

Framework policy and guidelines for the use, management and design of public sector websites  

Boosting the Net Economy 2000

Results of an online think tank about the impact of the Net Economy.

Recommendations under Theme 4: 
Citizens and Consumers - see:

Recommendation 60: Governments should adopt accessible web design policies across all their sites without delay.

Recommendation 61: Lobby groups and others should develop portfolios of example web sites that are both highly accessible and highly attractive, to show people what is possible.




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