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French Legal and Policy Resources 



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This section includes resources dealing with  legal issues and disabilities in France.  It is divided into sections and these resources may appear in more than one place.  The information will include papers, case law, and various French laws and policies that cover people with disabilities.   If you know of  laws or resources on the Internet that deal with this subject, please contact us, at: icdri@icdri.org.  

Special Needs Links in French
ATICA is an Information Society Group directly linked to the French Prime Minister's Office...

In France, BrailleNet has launched a National Campaign to promote the accessibility of the Internet.  Among other things they are making conference presentations, sending letters to webmasters, and contacting politicians.  A detailed discussion of their campaign can be found at the CSUN proceedings;  It is located at: http://www.csun.edu/cod/conf2000/proceedings/0162Duchateau.html

14th July speech by Chirac On Disabilities and Other Issues 8/01/02

The French Senate and Disabilities  8/01/02




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