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Announcement: New Irish IT accessibility guidelines

July 02, 2002

Announcement: New Irish IT accessibility guidelines The Irish National Disability Authority (NDA) has released a set of accessibility guidelines covering a wide range of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). They are available on the web at http://accessIT.nda.ie.  

The guidelines are aimed at procurers and developers of ICT products and services and initially cover the following technologies.

  • Public access terminals (ATMs, information kiosks, ticket machines, card readers, etc.)
  • Websites and online applications * Telecoms (fixed phones, mobile phones, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems)
  • Application software 

The main aim of the guidelines is to create a usable resource, written in plain language, that will provide explanation and assistance to developers and procurers who wish to specify, create or evaluate accessible ICT products and services.

The NDA have created new guidelines for three of the four technology areas - public access terminals, telecoms and application software. However, there already exists an internationally agreed standard set of guidelines for the web - the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 from the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI). The NDA has not, therefore, created its own guidelines for the web, but has included the WAI guidelines with the addition of some extra explanation and help.

The NDA would welcome any feedback, comment or criticism of its guidelines and how they are presented. Although every attempt has been made to provide a useful and usable resource which is accessible to WAI priority 3, this is only the first release and there are undoubtedly areas that can be improved and enhanced. The NDA intends to maintain and develop its guidelines to ensure that they continue to provide useful guidance for developers and procurers. Comments should be emailed to guidelines@frontend.com


Irish National Disability Authority

IT Accessibility Guidelines

Web: accessIT.nda.ie





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