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Jenifer Simpson





American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD)
Washington, D.C. USA 
Tel/TTY (202) 457-0046 or 800-840-8844

Email: JSimpson@AAPD.com   


JENIFER SIMPSON is the Senior Director, Telecommunications and Technology Policy, for the AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES (AAPD), a national, independent, cross-disability membership and advocacy organization located in Washington, D.C.   She is responsible for advancing policy for people with disabilities in the areas of telecommunications and technology to ensure that all people with disabilities are able to make choices, have careers, live independently and contribute as full participants in all aspects of society. 

Previously, Ms. Simpson was in federal government service. Most recently as a Telecommunications Accessibility Specialist at the FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION in Washington, D.C, USA.  Her responsibilities included providing technical assistance to industry, consumers and the agency on disability-specific matters in electronic communication (telephony and television) for people with disabilities in addition to liaison with other federal agencies and programs on disability technology policy matters.  Before that, she was an Employment Advisor at the PRESIDENT'S COMMITTEE ON EMPLOYMENT OF PEOPLE WITH DISABILITIES in Washington, D.C.  This high level federal agency communicated, coordinated and promoted public and private efforts to enhance the employment of people with disabilities. Her responsibilities included advising the Executive Director and Chairman on national technology policy issues as they pertained to employment and technology for people with disabilities and working internationally to advance accessibility of technology for people with disabilities.

Prior to government work, Ms. Simpson was at UNITED CEREBRAL PALSY ASSOCIATIONS in their national headquarters in Washington, D.C. as a Senior Policy Associate. She monitored and influenced legislation and regulations in the areas of technology, including telecommunications and income issues. Responsibilities included policy development for both Assistive and Information Technology and Telecommunications as well as programs of the Social Security Administration such as Supplemental Security Income (SSI), and the financing of technology for people with disabilities.

Ms. Simpson was the founding member and a five-year chairperson of THE CONSORTIUM FOR CITIZENS WITH DISABILITIES (CCD) ‘Task Force on Communications Access and Telecommunications’ and was instrumental in ensuring inclusion of disability access safeguards (Section 255) in the Telecommunications Act of 1996.  She was an active member of several other CCD groups, including the Technology, Civil Rights, Social Security, and Transportation task forces.

Ms. Simpson is active in her local Ward 5 community and Church of The Resurrection (AMIA), Washington, DC. She is the primary parent of 21 year old Joshua who has severe communication and physical disabilities as a result of cerebral palsy and she is married to Mark Muller, a budget officer for the defense department.

JENIFER SIMPSON can be reached at AAPD, Washington, D.C. USA Tel/TTY (202) 4457-0046; Email: AAPDJenifer@aol.com


Winter 2006

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