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Jonathan Robin




Born London, based in Paris since 1973,

  • Advisory Board ICDRI since 2000
  • Founder-member Internet Society England
  • Former Vice-President French Chapter, Internet Society
  • Founder and Vice President of the French IPv6 Task Force http://www.fr.ipv6tf.org
  • Jonathan initiated and piloted ISOC's recognition as UNESCO Operational Level NGO
  • Former Secretary General Internet Society European Chapter Co-ordination http://www.isoc-ecc.org
  • Nominated to initial ISTF Steering Group by Vint CERF Former Chair Internet Societal Task Force Privacy & Security WG.


Since 1972:


Since 1999, Jonathan has taken a lead role in raising awareness of the Societal and Economic impacts of IPv6 taken in the context of ‘intelligent interface ubiquity’ of tomorrow’s sensor networks. This includes WSIS PrepComs, and has been pursued with both Privacy and Accessibility as InfoEthics priorities, notably since the November 2000 UNESCO InfoEthics Conference.  Creator and first Vice President of the French IPv6 Task Force, he has been given the IPv6 Pioneer Award by the IPv6 Forum http://www.ipv6forum.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=18


– See powerpoint link given for the Russian Communities Conference St. Petersburg 2003


Powerpoint link


Jonathan has written around 2500 poems over the last thirty years and expects to spend more time writing than involved in Information Society activities in future. Copyright has been transferred to ICDRI in respect of those on disabilities, but may be freely reproduced where no financial interest is involved.  For updated verse see http://www.allpoetry.com/Jonathan_Robin


 Below are some of his poems

A Poem to Celebrate the Diversity of Special Needs


 Accessibility - March 15 2006

 Bridge of Sighs cut down to Size March 16 2006

Freedom in Peril July 22 2001 and March 9 2006

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