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Kris Ann Piazza






Author, designer and web master for "Stepping Out of the Box," a website created to provide information and encouragement through personal mentoring of those affected by spinal cord injury around the world.

Life with SCI consultant for the International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet

Award-winning writer and editor, providing voluntary assistance to ICDRI for web text development.

National public speaker for inspirational presentations about living a successful life after spinal cord injury through the power of positive attitude

Published author of IMPACT, a fictional novel based on Kris Ann's life that demonstrates how SCI affects family and the individual with the injury

Kris Ann Piazza chose not to allow the spinal cord injury she sustained as a child paralyze her future. She continuously challenged the stereotypes associated with the term "disability" by believing in her value as a person and by taking the initiative to educate herself about her rights to help her pursue her goals, graduating summa cum laude from Medaille College in Buffalo, New York, USA, with a bachelor's degree in communications.

As the senior writer/editor at Kaleida Health, the largest health system in Western New York, Kris Ann is charged with ensuring a written standard of excellence for the organization. Within three years of accepting that position, Kaleida Health received more than 10 international and national professional communicator awards for publication excellence.

Kris Ann does not claim to be a representative of people with "disabilities." She simply hopes to be the role model she never had when she was initially injured at the age of 12 in 1980, and to be accessible to those who need her words of encouragement to pursue their own goals after adversity. She believes strongly in the power of choice, a positive attitude and the obligation of those who achieve success to give back to those still looking for direction. More than 70 percent of Americans with "disabilities" are unemployed, and Kris Annís greatest desire is to inspire those with "disabilities" to go to work in order to change the "face of disability" world-wide.

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