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Linda A. Day




Career Highlights

 Project Management

  •         Managed the development and implementation of disability access practices for products and services at the national level.

  •         Established and implemented processes to meet regulatory requirements of Section 255 for the design, development and upgrade of services for wireless company.

  •         Facilitated cross-company disability access and driving wireless safety initiatives; created cross-functional teams to effectively train and mentor individuals.

  •         Researched product availability and options serving as liaison with national equipment team and manufacturers.

  •         Analyzed complex regulatory requirements and streamlined information to an efficient worksheet process.

  •         Evaluated new products and solutions for accessibility to wireless phones for customers with disabilities.

Training and Development

  •         Developed and produced driving wireless safety training video and marketing campaign for internal and indirect sales associates; coordinated distribution to 12,000+ locations.

  •         Identified and initiated process for mandatory employee online training; safety driving and use of wireless devises.

  •         Created disability awareness training program for retail and care representatives; conducted “train the trainers” sessions.

  •         Participated in industry conferences to promote awareness about accessible features and accessories to make using wireless phones easier for people with disabilities.

  •         Formulated disability access website content to educate consumers.


  •         Served as subject matter expert in disability related issues to technology engineers, retail, customer care, legal and marketing at the national level.

  •         Delivered successful presentation to company president for a nation-wide expansion of hearing disabilities program.

  •         Represented the entire wireless industry demonstrating the Nokia neckloop hearing accessory to the Vice President of the United States at the Tenth Anniversary of the signing of the Americans with Disabilities Act in Washington, D.C.

  •         Recognized in the industry as a strong advocate for the advancement of wireless technology for people with disabilities; selected to participate in national conventions, industry forums and the internal Executive Diversity Council.

  •         Designed E-flyer for sales representatives to replace printed collateral; savings of $175,000 annually to company.

  •         Authored book and recorded complete album of original songs; wrote lyrics and music.


Sales / Marketing

  •         Educated management and sales representatives on the needs of individuals with disabilities and company responsibilities to meet regulatory compliance.

  •         Assisted corporate marketing department in monitoring, managing, revising and positioning disability related information for internal and external support, including collateral, Internet website, intranet website, customer and retail information systems.

  •         Partnered with regional marketing and sales to develop consumer programs addressing disability issues.

  •         Experienced in product and market positioning; successful sales background. 

Work Experience


AT & T Wireless, Fresno, CA                                                                                           10/92 – 06/03

       External Affairs Specialist (01/99 – 06/03)

       Marketing Specialist (11/97 – 12/98)

       Account Executive (10/92 – 11/97)


Presentations Plus, Fresno, CA                                                                                       11/88 – 09/92



Coast to Coast Video, Fresno, CA                                                                                  03/80 – 11/88



  • Business Professional Women of the Year, Alumni Association – President

  • Self Help for Hard of Hearing People, Inc. – Member

  • American Council of the Blind – Member

  • American Speech and Hearing Association – Member

  • Telecommunications for the Deaf, Inc. – Member

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