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Resources for those who are Mobility Impaired and Those who are Caregivers





This page is devoted to resources for people with mobility impairments and caregivers of those who are mobility impaired.    If you have other resources please let us know by contacting us at: icdri@icdri.orgOr you may fill out a registration formand we will include the resource as soon as possible.

See the new page  Financial Aid Resources for Purchasing Assistive Technology

Financing Accessible Vans - Courtesy of AMS Vans
A new mobility funding page that has grants, loans, and other mobility finance options for the disabled community.

Wheelchair.com News and Resource Page
An excellent page with news and resources dealing with many types of disabilities

Below are some  books from ReadHowYouWant. These books are general literature and not specific to Mobility Impairments.

Mobility Impairments: Super Large 18 pt.


You might also want to visit our Books section or take a look at the following book sections:

Books on General Disability Issues

Career and Work Issues

Books on Caregiver Issues

Sports,  Recreation, Arts and Travel

Books on Educational Issues

Books on Facilities and Buildings

ADA Compliance Manuals 

Women and Disability Issues


1800wheelchair.com - USA

4 Stair Lifts - USA

Aardvark Adaptive Modification - USA

AbleProject.org - USA

Accessible Van Sales and Service - USA

Access Affordable Wheelchair Vans - USA

ACME Home Elevator - USA

Adaptive Mobility Systems - USA

Allegro Medical Supplies - USA

American Society on Aging - USA

AmeriGlide  Lift Solutions - USA

AmeriGlide, a Company Devoted to the Independence of those with Mobility Impairments - USA

AMS Vans - USA

 AMS Houston - USA

AMS Vans Ohio - USA

 AMS Vans Mississippi - USA

 AMS Vans San Diego - USA

BeasyTrans Easy Transfer System - USA

Better Life Mobility - USA

BraunAbility Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles - USA

Break Boundaries - USA Allowing people with disabilities to control their environment

The Breaking New Ground Resource Center - Resources Rural and Agricultural Technology and independent Living

Broken Beauties - USA

Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed (CRP) - Bangladesh

CG-Lock - USA

Chip Malcolm Auto Biography - USA

Commodio - Human Computer Interaction - USA

Comprehensive Rehabilitation - India

Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift LLC - USA

crutchsolutions.com - USA

Davis Sapper - USA

Shawn O'Bray - USA No grip button and zipper dressing aid

Disabled Transportation Made Easy and Affordable! - USA

Driver Evaluation and Training for People with Disabilities - USA

DmdOptions - USA

dmeshoppe.com - USA

EasyMedOnline.com - USA

Electric Mobility Corporation - USA

EyeTech Digital Systems, Inc. - USA

Financial Aid Resources for Purchasing Assistive Technology - USA
Resources to help in the purchase of many different types of Assistive Technology

Financing Accessible Vans - Courtesy of AMS Vans
A new mobility funding page that has grants, loans, and other mobility finance options for the disabled community.

Friends of Disabled Adults and Children - USA

The Handicart - USA

 Handicap Vans Online - USA

Handicap Help - USA

Head Injury Society of New Zealand

Healthy Functions, LLC  - USA

Fibromalgia Support - Ottawa West

Keyboard Alternatives & Viaion Solutions - USA

MaxiAids.com Products for Independent Living - USA

Mobility-Advisor.com - USA

Mobility Florida - USA

Mobility Unlimited, Inc - USA

The NetHealth  Repetitive Strain Injury Resources on the Internet - USA

National Spinal Cord Injury Association - USA

New Mobility Magazine - USA

Non-Ambulatory Transportation, Inc - USA

Pacific Blue Mobility - USA

Paralyzed Veterans of America (PVA)

Pip Squeakers - USA

Pmahc's Spinal Cord Injury Info


RJ Cooper - USA

RSIhelp.com  - USA

The RSI Home Page  - USA 

Sheepskin Ranch, Inc. - USA

Sony Ericsson Mobile Special Needs Center - USA

Southwest Medical - USA

Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers - USA

Spinlife.com - USA

Sportaid/Medaid - USA

Stair Lifts and Home Elevators - Canada

Synapse TAP and Synapse ADA Workstations - USA

USA TechGuide - USA

VirtualInput - Sweden

Walk Easy Inc. - USA

Wheelchair Buying Guide - Wheelchair Features & Benefits - India

Wheelchair Gloves or Push Mitts - New Zealand

Wheelchairs and more... - India

Wheelchair Accessible Vans - USA
Nationwide Provider of Wheelchair Vans and resources related to Van Conversions.

The Wheel Life - UK

Dr. Zhang Xu Spinal Cord Injury Assistance Fund - China