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Shawn O"Bray


Resource Name: Shawn O"Bray
Associated Organization: bazwng.net
Country of Origin: USA

Address: 5534 s. 1175 w.

City: Riverdale

State or Province: UT

ZIP or Postal Code: 84405

Telephone: 801-726-0855

TTY/TDD: n/a


Email: slobray1@yahoo.com

Site Summary: No grip button and zipper dressing aid

Disability Association(s): disabled grip, amputee, mobility impairments

Internet Location: http://bazwng.net/

Internet Resource Type: website

Resource Type: Dressing aid

Comments: Many button and zipper aids are available but they do not accommodate a person with no grip.

BAZWNG means Button And Zip With NGrip, it is a no grip dressing aid designed by a quadriplegic to help him button and zip his pants.  It can also be used with one hand.  Short videos on the website show how the tool is used