October Newsletter




New Navigational Links on the Table of Contents have been added to eliminate confusion with the steady growth of new pages and subject material. Related articles for main topics are included as links at the bottom of each page and all pages include easy click returns back to the main Table of Contents. Additionally, a Mission Statement has been posted below the new Table of Contents on the Home Page.

Disability Awareness Week 2000 is the main focus for the first week of October. Living in Houston, Texas made it natural to post happenings here, but my hope for other readers is to realize we all need to be out there! This led to finally answering the big question, "Why are YOU in a Wheelchair?" with many inquires surfing in to the site. But it wasn’t until I received the interest of two young girls that prompted me for information and led to writing an article: Polio and Postpolio, linked to Profile of the Author. An interesting related story, "Steadfast and Strong" is posted on Who Is Bill Dillow?

"Who Is?" became such a fascinating subject last month, it paved the way to letting you know about something else nice that is about to happen in Texas with Wheelchair Games and Sports.

With all these questions flowing in, I decided to keep right on rolling and answer more inquiries. "Why Military Pride?" contains the answer of my interest in our United States Military.

In Search of Lighthouses also provides answers for the big "Y" details. At the bottom of the article you will find links to my travels and the conclusion of the Michigan Lighthouses and Canada visited in August finally completed. Additionally, Coasties keeping track of BM1 Musgraves will find his page updated as a result of the August visit.

The bottom line is that Wheel Me On . . . has really grasped Disability Awareness for the new month. Enjoy and keep rolling as barriers keep getting smaller!

Wheel Me On . . .