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The Mouse and the Rock

Linda Day

Illustrated by
Tawn R. Morrison

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The Mouse and the Rock

This is a marvelous children's book written by Linda Day and beautifully illustrated by Tawn R. Morrison.  It is a book that can be read and enjoyed by children and adults together.  


From the Forward of the Book:

Whimsically illustrated,  this tale artfully outlines a universal approach for the times we are immobilized by life's burdens. The story of the mouse, with whom we quickly identify, compassionately brings together thinking through the issues, taking calculated risks, and bearing the inevitable cost of moving ahead to a future we can only dream of while stuck. 

The story promotes the interaction of little readers with adults, as they process not only the solutions, but also the cost of freedom. Adult readers will undoubtedly be challenged and inspired to look at possible parallels in their own lives.

Delightful and entertaining, with several layers of meaning, I am confident in recommending this book to adults and children alike. We do, after all, have our own unique rocks, which hold us back.

Irene Loewen, Ph. D.

Clinical Psychologist
Clovis, CA

About the Author

Linda Day of Fresno, California, has always had a passion for writing and composing.  Through her writing she shares he unique perspective on life’s experiences.  In spite of a profound hearing loss, she recorded a collection of original music in 1991.  She has 3 children and has worked for a Fortune 500 company in the field of disabilities since 1992.  In 1999, Linda was honored to receive a national award from Oticon for her advocacy for people with hearing disabilities, and was one of Fresno’s Top Ten Business Professional Women of the Year.

About the Illustrator

Tawn R. Morrison holds a B.S. degree in Education with a minor in Art from Ohio University and a Masters Degree from the University of Pittsburgh. Her love of art is evident in her whimsical illustrations. She taught in the field of Gifted and Talented Education in the public school system for twelve years. Tawn lives with her husband and two children in Fresno, California.

Ordering the Book

Follow this link for the Mouse and The Rock Order Form , or send a message to: DayDreams1485@aol.com They will send you and order form or you may print the form linked above 

Link to the Back Cover Illustration ( 145 Kilobyte, this takes a while to load)

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