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 Accessible Android E-Mail and Barcode Reader Available


 Tuesday, July 06, 2010 3:40 PM


 Contact: Steve Jacobs
 Phone: (614) 777-0660
 E-Mail: steve.jacobs@ideal-group.org

 Open Source, Android Applications Released in Support of Raising the  Floor, Reducing the Cost, and Leveling the Playing Field for Individuals  with Disabilities

 HILLIARD, OH July 6, 2010 - IDEAL Group Apps4Android, Inc. announced  today the release of the first Android e-mail reader for the blind. The  IDEAL K9 E-MailR reader is accessible using Google's Talkback and other  Android screenreaders. Also announced was the release of IDEAL Item  IdentifierR, an Android-based barcode reader. The barcode reader makes  it possible to quickly, easily, and accurately identify products by  using Android smartphones to read barcodes on standard products. Both  applications have been open-sourced in support of the Raising the Floor  Initiative. http://raisingthefloor.net/

 According to Steve Jacobs the President of IDEAL Group, "Given the  efforts Google has put into Android, especially the work of their  Eyes-Free Project team, we are convinced that Google is committed to  making Android a world-class fully accessible platform and we want to  help Google get there faster."

 IDEAL is also developing an open source Android web browser for the  blind. In addition, IDEAL is developing an open source video  magnification application that enables individuals with low vision to  turn their Android smartphones into hand-held video magnifiers.

 Given the high cost of dedicated devices that serve these purposes  today, Jacobs hopes these free, high-quality open source Android  applications will be Raising the Floor of opportunities for individuals
 with print disabilities.

 Jacobs further stated, "While we plan to develop accessible applications  for other platforms in the future, we love the openness of Android. It  makes it easy for developers to figure out how programs function and has
 enabled us to innovate much more rapidly and easily than on any other  platform."

 About IDEAL Group Apps4Android:

 Apps4Android, Inc. is dedicated to developing low/no-cost, high-quality,  Android applications that enhance the quality-of-life, independence,  quality of education, and employability of individuals with  disabilities... and everyone else! Apps4Android is the world's largest  developer of speech-enabled Android applications in the world with  750,000+ active users in 47 countries. For more information:  http://apps4android.org/
 About Raising the Floor (RtF):

 Raising the Floor is an international consortium of organizations and  individuals focused on ensuring that people experiencing disabilities,  literacy problems, or the effects of aging are able to access and use  all of the information, resources, services, and communities available  on or through the Web. Of particular concern are those with limited or  no resources. For more information:  http://raisingthefloor.net/about


 This work is supported in part with funds from the National Institute on  Disability and Rehabilitation Research, U.S. Department of Education,  grant number H133E080022 to the University of Wisconsin Trace R&D  Center. Users of IDEAL K9 E-MailR and IDEAL Item IdentifierR should not  assume endorsement by either the Department of Education or the federal  government.




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