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For Immediate Release

Washington, D.C., January 27, 2009. – The Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology (COAT) is pleased to announce the winner of its recent Logo Contest. The winning logo was designed by Stephen Dorsey, a graphic artist from Henderson, Nevada. Mr. Dorsey will receive a cash prize for his effort. The logo will be used to represent COAT and its mission to the general public in COAT’s printed materials, website and for other purposes.

Mr. Dorsey, a professional graphic artist for over eighteen years, is also a person with disabilities as a result of a sports-related spinal cord injury. “It is an honor to have my design selected as a finalist in your logo search,” he said when informed that his logo design had been chosen. “I have made accessible technology a cornerstone of my education and career and I am very honored that my logo design was selected.”

Forty-two designs were submitted by twenty-seven applicants from every region of the United States. The logo contest began on Monday, November 17, 2008, and ended Tuesday, January 20, 2009. Members of the COAT steering committee judged the submissions via three design review rounds before deciding on the outcome. “We were thrilled with the number of applicants and the quality, boldness and creativity of the designs submitted,” said Jenifer Simpson of the American Association of People with Disabilities (AAPD), one of the logo contest judges.

“We chose Stephen Dorsey’s design because it captures both the spirit of COAT and provides an image of communications energy,” said Rosaline Crawford of National Association of the Deaf (NAD), another logo contest judge. The design features the coalition’s acronym, “COAT,” in a large royal blue serif font. The letter “O” is designed in the shape of the world, with white longitude and latitude lines. In the center of the “O” is a series of white convex arcs, a symbol that is often used to represent air waves, broadcast transmission, or sound. The “O” also appears to be in the center of an orbit, marked by a highlight of yellow gold on its surface and a diagonal curve of yellow gold that wraps above and then diagonally across the logo around the letter “O.” The coalition’s full name appears in small blue serif font directly below.

Karen Peltz Strauss, another COAT judge added, “All contestants responded well to the call for a design consistent with COAT’s agenda. We believe we have chosen an image that makes a bold statement about COAT and will represent our purpose and goals both beautifully and professionally.”

About COAT: The Coalition of Organizations for Accessible Technology, or COAT, founded in March 2007, is a coalition of over 220 organizations that advocates for legislative and regulatory safeguards that will ensure full access by people with disabilities to evolving high speed broadband, wireless and other Internet protocol (IP) technologies. More information is available at http://www.coataccess.org , E-mail info@coataccess.org , Tel 202-457-0046 Ext 31.

About Dorsey Design: Dorsey Design focuses on print design, typography, color and layout, and specializes in logo development and advertising design. More info at www.dorseydesign.net  or via Email stephen@dorseydesign.net





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