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Automatic Sync Technologies' Delivers Captions Better, Faster, and Cheaper; CaptionSync removes the hurdles to creating captions



SEATTLE, Wash. -- September 25, 2008 -- Automatic Sync Technologies (AST) offers CaptionSync, an automated captioning service for webcasts, broadcasts, and DVDs.  This online service is available 7x24 and delivers high quality captions in just minutes, at prices only automation can deliver.  No software to buy, no set-up fees, no volume commitments -- just use it when you need accurate captions in minutes without breaking the budget. 

"Until CaptionSync, there wasn't an easy way for organizations to caption their material without spending significant sums of money and enduring long delays -- so most didn't bother.  AST is trying to remove those barriers so all content creators can make their video usable by a broader spectrum of users which includes the deaf, hard of hearing, those with learning disabilities, and those with English as a second language," said Brent Robertson SVP Marketing at AST 

CaptionSync users can select as many caption output formats as they need, choosing from the likes of Flash, YouTube, QuickTime, Windows Media, Real, broadcast line-21 captions, and/or DVD subtitles.  In addition, AST's video search data output enables webcasts to be searchable and indexable -- a powerful aid to all users without any additional cost. 

About Automatic Sync Technologies

 AST is a leading provider of automated captioning, audio synchronization, and audio search tools for webcasting, broadcasting, and DVD applications.  Leveraging our leading-edge speech processing and pattern identification software, AST provides clients with solutions for synchronized multimedia with quick turnaround and unsurpassed quality.  Current users include NASA, UC Berkeley, NC State, Penn State, University of Washington, and Stanford University.  The research behind CaptionSync is funded in part by US Department of Education SBIR Phase I and Phase II grants.  For more information visit AST at http://www.automaticsync.com/caption.

 CaptionSync is a trademark of Automatic Sync Technologies.  All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.



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