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Benefit for David Bradley

1950's Sock Hop including Live and Silent Auctions

 Friday, February 20, 2009

7:00 pm to 10:00 pm


Triangle Community Church
4216 Kildaire Farm Road
Apex, NC 27539





Fundraiser is being organized in an effort to raise money for a much-needed wheelchair accessible van. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE BRADLEY FAMILY AND THE PURCHASE OF THIS VEHICLE.

A benefit for fifteen-year-old Raleigh resident, David Bradley, has been planned for Friday, February 20, 2009 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm at Triangle Community Church. This event will include a fun-filled 1950's Sock Hop and a Silent Auction.

Fifteen years ago, Mary Jane Bradley received a phone call that would change her life forever. The young man explained how he and his girlfriend were expecting a baby.  Mike and Mary Jane Bradley did not personally know this young man or his girlfriend. He was nervous, confused, and had questions about adoption in general, and wanted someone to talk to. A friend of a friend knew the Bradley's had adopted and fostered children throughout the years, and gave the young couple the Bradley's number.  

This young man was desperately trying to do the right thing. Mary Jane did not realize how close to giving birth the young mother was. Not able to have children herself, Mary Jane had always told God her heart was open to any children he would bring her, but neither she nor the young man knew how their paths would connect.  He was simply looking for some direction.  She was simply trying to help.

The next day, another phone call came. As the young man spoke to Mary Jane, the call ended abruptly without her understanding why . The young man rushed his girlfriend to the hospital where she delivered a beautiful baby boy. The next day Mary Jane received one more call,  "S. delivered a baby boy yesterday. She and I would like you and Mr. Bradley to take our baby."

The next day, the Bradley's returned home with their new son! One could hardly believe such a blessing had come to the Bradley's and the infant boy they named David.


The following six months would prove to test the Bradley's like never before.  David would cry in excruciating pain day and night. When other children were lifting their heads and beginning to crawl, David could not. The doctors discovered that their son had a very rare form of Cerebral Palsy.  David would never have the ability to communicate, walk or live a normal life. Devastated, Mary Jane cried out to the Father again. "Father, please just give me his mind!" One can only imagine how devastating this must have been.  In addition to caring for David's daily needs, the Bradley's continue to homeschool David, focusing on what he can do and not on what he can't do. Mike and Mary Jane are the most giving people I have ever met. Their lives have been one of sacrifice and they will tell you today how very thankful they are for their son and hero, David.


Today David can communicate through his computer. Mary Jane and Mike and their other children are his voice, arms and legs, but David loves his life with the exception of the with the exception of the pain he suffers daily. The most difficult time for David and his family is evening. When others are resting for the next day, they are up helping David turn many, many times a night. Recently David has suffered with tremendous pain especially in the evening hours, and is barely able to sleep at all. Cerebral Palsy may continue to attack his body, but not his spirit! Due to this pain, David is unable to be moved easily. Not having a wheelchair accessible van has stopped David from leaving his home. During the past fifteen years, Mike and Mary Jane have lifted David everywhere. Due to his size and recent battles with pain, a wheelchair accessible van is desperately needed to help this family.

A fundraiser is being organized in an effort to raise money for this need. ALL PROCEEDS WILL GO DIRECTLY TO THE BRADLEY FAMILY AND THE PURCHASE OF THIS VEHICLE.  Many people, like Glen Wesley of the Carolina Hurricanes, have agreed to help make this event an immense success!

We need your help! Please purchase tickets and join us, make a donation if you can't attend and are able to do so, and tell everyone you know! Please, please pass along this information. Hear this call and act! My son Alexander, a very close friend of David and the driving force behind this fundraiser, said it best, "Mom, God wants us to be His hands and feet. We must work diligently to see the blessings God has in store for David and his family!" Please help us. We need you! Please join us for an evening filled with love, fun and hope!


In His Service,

Elise and Alexander Johnson





This website will give you all the information you need to help make a difference in David's life.




Ticket donation: $10 donation per person or $40 maximum for parents with more than four children; must be paid in advance


For tickets or donations, please make checks payable to:


Faith Bible Fellowship


Mail to:

Faith Bible Fellowship

C/O Elise Johnson

3713 Westbury Lake Drive

Raleigh NC 27603


Food can be purchased during the event from the Grill '57 team. David's Soda Shop and David's Concession Stand will also be opened for business. All proceeds go directly to the fundraiser...so come hungry! FOOD IS PRICED TO SELL!


'50's attire not mandatory, but would make the event that much more fun! Come in your favorite 1950's outfit! Prizes will handed out to the best dressed!


ENTERTAINMENT provided by:


Disc jockey, Tom Stacy, who will create an electric 1950's atmosphere with music, antics, and contests during the event.


Gregory Auctions:  Live and Silent auctions are planned as well.  


Items up for auction thus far:

  •  Orthodontic treatment provided by Dr. Macon!
  • Jersey signed by Glen Wesley
  • Biltmore Estate Package
  • Knight's Play Package
  • Par Golf Package
  • Tickets to the Raleigh Symphony
  • Tripps Restaurant
  • Two bronze sculptures donated by local artisan
  • Ray Price Gift Package Value $400
  • Cooking Classes
  • Desserts-for-a-Year! package
  • Chick-fil-A party package
  • Three Interior Design packages
  • Wine basket
  • Food Basket
  • Day Spa package
  • Holly Springs School of Dance summer camp
  • Veterinary package
  • Home Improvement package
  • Four Tickets to Chitty Chitty Bang Band at the Progress Energy Theatre





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